Dyslexia at College Crash CourseCollege is Coming! Here are some great tips and tricks for dyslexic students in higher education. Also don’t leave home without getting digital copies of your dyslexia paperwork. You’ll want to send to the LD office on campus. They will help you with accommodations, tutoring, and more!

Dyslexia at College Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Here’s a quick summary from the paper below:

Study Skills:
– read slowly and outloud
– underline and copy key words and phrases from books
– try a different format – e.g. listen while running
– mind maps and color
– talk it over

– teacher notes ahead of time
– extended time
– option to type and use laptops with spell checkers – don’t count off for spelling or grammar
– record lectures
– help from family and friends with papers (this is very common)

– essay plan diagrams – templates
– find good quiet low distraction place to study
– interest-based classes whenever possible
– make early deadlines for yourself
– meet regularly with tutors

Read the research article on Dyslexia at College HERE.

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