anthony-hopkins-dyslexia“When you’re a certain age and becoming conscious that you’re inadequate in school — which I was — it’s a lonely feeling…You feel isolated and bullied and all the rest of it. I was pretty strong, so nobody bullied me, but I did feel isolated. And I look back on it all now as the greatest gift that I could have been given, because it was the rocket fuel that sort of drove me to do something with my life.”

Sir Anthony Hopkins, like many adult dyslexics, finds himself rediscovering talents that were present but eclipsed in his youth. Watch the moving video of when he is able to hear a waltz that he composed in his 20’s as presented by Andre Rieu.

Anthony Hopkins’ MIND strengths include music and acting talents that may have been arisen from his evocative sensory – episodic memory, ability to make connections and see things from different perspectives (I and N).


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