bella-thorne-dyslexiaBella Thorne, one of Disney’s most famous stars, has been an outspoken advocate for dyslexia. Bella is an actress, singer, dancer, writer, and social activist. Bella is bilingual with mixed Cuban, Irish, and Italian heritage.

Bella was able to play a character for Disney that had dyslexia and now she also has written a series of books involving her main character Autumn who also is dyslexic.

Bella was identified as being dyslexic in the first grade. She suffered bullying which led her to be homeschooled and tutored at an outside center, which resulted in her reading and writing ahead of her grade level, although it is still effortful to read. Today she speaks out frequently against bullying and has been a role model to many.

Watch Bella talk to her best friend about her dyslexia on the show:

Watch Bella dance in the video below!