will-mayo“Being someone that has the dyslexia point-of-view, you’re not taking the normal highway, you’re taking the back roads. You tend to see a lot more and learn a lot more taking the back roads.” – Will Mayo, CEO of Spoken Layer

Dyslexic Advantage had a great opportunity to meet Will Mayo at our Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation (generously supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation) in Connecticut. Watch and share this wonderful interview with Will (shoutout thanks to George Chadwick and Andy Zenczak and the Gadgetbox team).

Will is shaking up online publishers (and rightly so) for forgetting about readers who like to read with their ears. Said Will, “At the end of the day, every smartphone user has a set of headphones and every print media publisher is ignoring them…” Will’s Spoken Layer company is bringing human-read voices to news sites like Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and the Smithsonian. Will and Spoken Layer have also generously offered to publish Dyslexic Advantage’s regular newsletter in audio format too through Spoken Layer (look for that in Winter newsletter coming soon- yay!).  Do yourself a favor and listen to Will’s interview. great insights about being dyslexic and the positive side of thinking differently. Thanks, Will!