michael-orwick1Quite commonly both dyslexia and talent run in the same family. We recently had the pleasure of talking to Michael and  precocious 10 year-old Elena Orwick, a father and daughter from Oregon who share both dyslexia and artistic sensibility. In fact, The duo have had the pleasure of sharing a few art gallery showings together and a few more are forthcoming in April through June.  Michael is a prolific painter of some breath-taking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Michael is dyslexic, but his artistic ability was discovered in elementary school, so although he was special education classes, he was also able to walk over to the middle school and take painting classes there.

Do listen to the inelena-orwickterview excerpt with Michael and Elena. Michael talks about how he felt one of his dyslexic artistic strengths may be his visual sensitivity and a tendency to find faces in surfaces and terrain. Both he and Elena make some pretty profound observations on sensory experiences, painting, and  memory.

 To learn more about Michael and Elena, visit www.MichaelOrwick.com and www.elenagraceorwick.com/  Michael and Elena have been busy painting and they'll have a few gallery shows together in Oregon from April-June.


Also, Michael, Elena, and Gaby (wife and mom) will be heading out on a world artistic adventure Studio Everywhere where they plan on delivering art supplies and workshops “leveraging art as social change.” We’ll cover some of their adventures on this blog.