Sasha-Rearick-DyslexiaOlympic Mens Ski Head Coach Sasha Rearick is responsible for coaching the entire US Men’s Alpine Team, including downhill, giant slalom, slalom, and super g, and yes, he’s dyslexic.

Rearick coached his college’s downhill ski team in his junior and senior year before earning an internship at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Rearick has coached in three Winter Olympic Games, including two as head coach, where his teams collected seven Olympic medals, including three in Sochi, Russia.

He recently returned to his high school in Maine and told them he was inspired by seeing them: “…the world needs your energy and imagination. When I think of all that you can do, all that you can accomplish by living a full life devoted to your passions, I am inspired. You have a clean canvas in front of you to fill with color as you choose..”

Sasha credits his college and small private high school for giving him positive educational experiences. “I learned from professors who had both PhDs and practical experience in the real world…I was able to work closely with these professors, and they helped launch me into the career I have today.” He also “learned a ton outside of the classroom” that he credits to learning about teamwork and camaraderie.

To see a bit of what Sasha’s day to day world is like, watch the video below with Sasha and the US Men’s ski team in Chile. Being an athletic coach at world class levels requires multiple abilities and skills. In college Sasha majored in business administration and kinesiology. The job requires empathy and physical awareness of course, but also expertise in strategic and organizational thinking. For a job like Sasha’s Dyslexic MIND strengths that are utilized include M-Strengths (spatial thinking, analysis of ski courses, body dynamics of different skiers), I-Strengths ( innovative ways for training world-class skiers in the off-season), N-strengths ( personal memory for working with skiers on changing weather conditions and terrains), and D-strengths (planning for unknowns in the future with changing environments and circumstances).