audio-engineer-Savill Recently, we connected with Chris (Savvy) Savill, an audio engineer based in Australia. He wrote a nice post on LinkedIn about being dyslexic. We’ve met a few dyslexic audio engineers over the years and of course, the many accomplished dyslexic individuals in music have this talent with sound that often wouldn’t get discovered in today’s classrooms.

Chris had a difficult time as a young person, especially with physical bullying, but he’s absolutely inspiring what he’s been able to achieve today and how he makes sense of himself at the age of 34.

“Dyslexia as a kid, is a scary concept. All of your self confidence is gone. You feel alone, and you struggle to be social with others. You can’t describe what you are experiencing, or even understand that you have a learning problem. Your outlook on life is bleak. You don’t see a future at all. Until that is… learn to embrace it…

Dyslexics are excellent problem solvers and have incredible 3D and spatial awareness. We also think outside the box (or as I like to put it, Think outside the CUBE) Yes, we are amazing creatives.

Whats my creative skill? Sound.

I have a natural gift to work with technical audio. When I hear a song…I hear everything and break it down in my head into separate tracks. I can hear the bass on its own, I can hear the drums on their own, I hear the lead guitar on its own, and then i can reconstruct the whole thing and listen to the overall melody….all in my head. I am able to record sound and be very precise about it. In Radio production, I can cut an audio promo with precision, almost like a surgeon with a scalpel. I have been doing audio for 15 years now. My first gig was as an Assastant Sound Designer for the West End show “FAME”…then I worked at the BBC. It’s pretty cool to have credits against my name such as 50 Cent, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, garbage and many others. I moved to Australia and helped set up Australia’s first Indigenous Music Centre called “The Winanjjikari Music Centre. That means “Singing for Belonging” in Wilpri Language. Now I Pull sound for one of the longest running Children’s show in Australia, and record special audio FX from Time to time. I like to keep busy. I also have other skills such as computers, visual media and lots more. I’m a gun with technology too!!”

Thanks Chris for sharing your story and inspiring others. Chris was nice enough to also share the example of some of his audio recordings out in the wilds of Australia. Beautiful!