When Dyslexic Advantage’s Legislative Action leader attorney Leila Leoncavallo met with Senator Bill Cassidy and Representative Lamar Smith of the Dyslexia Caucus in Washington DC, she found out that the voices of parents and students personally affected by lack of dyslexia policies in public schools weren’t being heard by government officials. As a result, Dyslexic Advantage would like to rally the troops and have our voices known to make things better for student now as well as all those who will follow.

Create Better Classrooms for Dyslexic Students by contacting your Representative and telling him or how how important the issue of Dyslexia is for you.

Ask them to join the Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus and Support HR 3303.  ACT NOW and send off a quick email to your Representative.

2 Action Items:

#1. Have your Representative or Senator join the Dyslexia Caucus

Current the House Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus is more active than the Senate’s. Having more Representatives making a stand for the importance of Dyslexia will improve its support and likelihood of passing a bill.

#2. Have your Representative sign on to co-sponsor House Bill 3033 which would guarantee $5 million dollars per year in federal funding for practical research helping identify children with dyslexia and provide appropriate teaching training and curriculum options for students.

The lack of dedicated funding results in the persistent malaise of school districts addressing the needs of students with dyslexia. If they can’t identify it, then they can’t address it. If teachers aren’t trained, then they cannot be expected to know what to do. Dedicated funding for research is the first step in making sure that appropriate practical plans are in place for all students. The bill does not require any addition money from the federal budget. To see read the bill, click HERE.