“You didn’t go to an Ivy League school, your mom mortgaged your house to help get your start… You’ve talked about how you barely made it out of high school and you’re dyslexic. A lot of entrepreneurs have talked about that almost helping their rise. Do you think that played a role in your success?”

“Absolutely.” – Daymond John of Fubu and Shark Tank

Thanks Dan Roth for this excellent interview with Daymond John about being dyslexic, his ability to visualize, and how it helped him become successful as an entrepreneur. What Daymond is talking about the ability to see an end goal is something that we often hear from successful entrepreneurs. It’s the D Strength of dyslexic individuals that allow them to make mental simulations and think about events, situations, and people as they play out over time.

Entrepreneurs use their D strengths to see how opportunities can be grow into multimillion dollar opportunities, just as geologists, environmentalists, and scientists make predictions.

It’s what also made Daymond stop and think he was being an idiot by focusing on present day money rather than long-term education and success. Great insights from this short video. To watch the entire business video, click HERE.

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