Dyslexic Advantage logoTwo years ago we created the founding documents for Dyslexic Advantage. One of those documents was a Statement of Values and Core Beliefs. It contained nine points, two of which are as follows:

  • Dyslexic individuals and their families, by virtue of their experience, possess an expert knowledge of the meaning and nature of dyslexia that others cannot replace
  • The community of dyslexic individuals is one of the most creative, innovative, and resourceful groups in the world—comprising a crowdsource consultancy of unrivaled brilliance—and there is no challenge facing it, or its individual members, that together those members cannot solve

Starting with these beliefs, we imagined an online community where dyslexic individuals, shutterstock_263442383their families, and professionals who care for them (teachers, tutors, assessment professionals, etc.) could come together to share their knowledge for the benefit of all and the advancement of our understanding of dyslexia and ‘the dyslexic life’. In Internet Age terms, it was a vision of ‘crowdsourcing dyslexia’.

We’re finally at the point where we have the time, tools, and ‘traffic’ to seriously begin this crowdsourcing process.

Yesterday we posted the first of what we hope will be many shutterstock_82249444surveys on topics of importance for dyslexic people and their families (if you are a dyslexic adult, please take this survey here). These are not part of a marketing strategy to increase traffic and engagement. They are part of DA’s vision for advancing the understanding of dyslexia, and improving the education, work, and well-being of dyslexic people.

For these surveys we would like to use both our online social media platforms and the email lists from our newsletter and community forums. If shutterstock_209461189you haven’t yet subscribed to or joined one of those, we’d invite you to do so here or here. We promise to keep each survey as short as possible, and we’ll allow anyone to unsubscribe from participation in future surveys without otherwise changing their engagement with DA. But as a family who spent many years in clinical trials with one of our children, we’d also like to stress both the value and the personal satisfaction that comes from participating in the process of advancing understanding for the benefit of the community.

Working together we can truly change the world! Please be our partner in this process.