read-act- signed-president-obamasWoo Hoo!  Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly to pass the READ Act. Just moments ago, President Obama signed the READ Act into law.

The READ Act or Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act requires the National Science Foundation  to fund research into “the early identification of children and students with dyslexia, professional development for teachers and administrators of students with dyslexia, curricula and educational tools needed for children with dyslexia, and implementation and scaling of successful models of dyslexia intervention.”

Importantly, this is a funded mandate including the following:

“The National Science Foundation shall devote not less than $5,000,000 to research described in subsection (a), which shall include not less than $2,500,000 for research on the science of dyslexia, for each of fiscal years 2017 through 2021…”

Read the bill  HERE.

Huge thanks to all of the Dyslexic Advantage members who called or wrote their Congressperson, Representative Lamar Smith of Texas who introduced the bill, Dyslexic Advantage Board Members Thomas West and Kurt Heusner who visited with Rep. Smith, Leila Leoncavallo, our Dyslexic Advantage Government Liaison, all of the incredible organizations who helped rally their communities to make this happened  – all of the Decoding Dyslexia chapters, National Center for Learning Disabilities / Understood, the Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus, all the supporting Representatives and Senators, President Obama, and many many more.  We know this is just the start, but the momentum is building. Dyslexic students will be helped by this new law!