prince-carl-philip-dyslexiaCongrats to Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his beautiful wife Sofia on their wedding today.

Prince Carl has been as strong advocate for dyslexia,  recently speaking to parents and children:

“It took me many years to get to this point, but I’m happy that I gathered the courage to talk openly about my dyslexia,” he began his speech, emphasizing the importance of breaking down the taboos and then focusing on the struggles of the young people with dyslexia.

“It’s about all the students who fight the jumping letters and digits of their text books everyday. About all the ones who gets laughed at, when they are making mistakes. About the ones who have to fight harder than their classmates to reach the same school results. I know exactly how it feels. I was one of them”.

The prince is dyslexic like his father Prince Carl Gustaf and Sister Princess Victoria. The Prince has had an eclectic life that includes military service, support of many charities, skiing, sailing, and graphic art design.

Carl once made Forbes List of “Hottest Young Royals” at #9.

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