“…Traditional approaches to educating and selecting, and employing workers, have deprived our companies of many of those who are best equipped with the kind of skills and innovation and problem solving that are needed in places like Silicon Valley.”  – Dr Brock Eide, Co-Founder, Dyslexic Advantage

Listen to Brock’s Keynote Speech to Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce community – and SHARE. Dyslexia is invisible in the workplace at the same time any of these organization are striving for greater creative output and innovation among its employees.

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From our survey data (n = 500+) Dyslexic individuals are much more likely to recognize that they are strong at developing creative strategies for reaching difficult goals or solving complex problems.

They are greatly over-represented detecting patterns in complex events or data sets.

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To watch Brock and Fernette’s TEDx Turkey and the Crow (Rote vs Innovation), see below.