kobe bryant dyslexia sports legacyFrom Sports Illustrated: “One-thousand-three-hundred-forty-six regular-season games, but when future generations examine the oeuvre of Kobe Bean Bryant, let them start with the last one. With Snoop Dogg dancing and Jay Z grinning and Shaquille O’Neal shaking his giant head. With the man in the lower bowl who was crying and the woman in the upper deck who was laughing and everybody else who was staring skyward in disbelief at two digits illuminated for all time on the Staples Center scoreboard: 60.”

Congrats Kobe Bryant who changed a game against the Utah Jazz into one long Nike commercial. After multiple injuries and torn Achilles tendons, he scored 60 points – this from a 37 year old whose body seemed to break a long time ago.

“This goes by fast,” he said. “If you don’t give it your all you will regret it. Don’t be that guy”


Kobe talked about his dyslexia HERE.