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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarship Winners 2018

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BREAKING NEWS: US Department of Education Guidelines Regarding the IDEA, Educational Benefit, and Supreme Court Endrew F. vs. Douglas County School District

The U.S. Department of Education has just released guidelines in light of the recent unanimous US Supreme Court Decision Endrew F. vs. Douglas County School District. That decision interpreted the scope of FAPE (free appropriate public education) to mean that a school’s educational program must provide “more than de minimus” educational benefit. “De minimus” […]

[PREMIUM] Joshua Wong: Teenager vs. Superpower

Netflix has just released Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower, a documentary on inspiring teenager Joshua Wong who was at the center of the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong in 2014. 100,000 took the street to urge the government to withdraw from implementing a pro-communist education program. Fortune Magazine named him one of the world’s greatest leaders […]
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[PREMIUM] The Curious History of Mirror Writing

“As a researcher, working over two decades with hundreds of children and adults with dyslexia, I’m convinced that Leonard Da Vinci was dyslexic.” – Dr Maryann Wolf, author Proust and the Squid Mirror writing occurs commonly in dyslexic and non-dyslexic children between the ages of 3 and 7 years, however a subset of children will […]
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California Dyslexia Guidelines

We are posting the California Dyslexia Guideline here as a convenience to our members who would like to use ReciteMe to listen to the document.

FYI: the document uses ‘disability’ framework of dyslexia and reflects the particular orientation of the authors.

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