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Additional Resources from Premium Issue 26 [Premium]

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Issue NINE Dyslexic Advantage Premium – Middle School Issue [Premium]

In case you missed it: Latest  PREMIUM ISSUE:
Understanding Processing Speed
Dyslexia and Middle School
Examples of Dysgraphia
Tips for D
One of America’s Most Prolific Designers
Dyslexia for Teachers in 5 Minutes
Archeology – Profession of Dyslexics?
Teaching Science to Students with Dyslexia
Interactive Word Walls
Math Journal Club: Fractions
Pick Classes Like a Pro
Harry Potter Actor and Understanding Dyspraxia

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Q & A: Can Someone Be Both Dyslexic and Autistic ? [Premium]

QUESTION: Is it Possible to Have Both Dyslexia and Autism?

The short answer is yes, but it’s likely not very common and in general many of the features of dyslexia and autism are opposite. By strict criteria, low IQ and autism are excluded from the diagnosis of dyslexia. However, it is not difficult to speculate […]

Understanding Processing Speed and Dyslexia

When families come together to discuss test scores, no group of scores surprises them as much as “Processing Speed.”

Processing Speed scores on psychometric exams might mean Coding and Symbol Search scores on the WISC intelligence exams or Visual Matching and Paired Cancellation on the Woodcock Johnson.

Processing Speed scores on these subtests are typically lower […]

Examples of Dysgraphia and Dyslexia – What to Look For [Premium]

After dyslexic students make progress in their ability to decode words, parents, teachers, and students themselves may begin to breathe a sigh of relief; however, another monster challenge may be looming on the horizon – the other D…. Dysgraphia.

The National Institutes of Health definition of Dysgraphia includes the following:

“Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder characterized […]

Dyspraxia and Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe

As many as 50% of individuals with dyslexia have dyspraxia, although many of them won’t have heard the term. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe  spoke about his dyspraxia which affects his ability to write by hand and tie shoelaces. He’s said part of the reason he became an actor was because his dyspraxia meant he […]