California-Dyslexia-LawHuge Congratulations to California and Governor Jerry Brown for signing A.B. 1369 into law  October 8.

The law requires California Superintendent to develop program guidelines for students with dyslexia to improve dyslexia identification, strategies for remediation, and educational services for students. Educational services are defined as being evidence-based, multi sensory, direct, explicit, structured, and sequential. The Superintendent must comply by the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. The guidelines are developed to assist regular and special education teachers as well as parents and pupils.

Thanks to all the members of Dyslexic Advantage for completing the Dyslexia at School Survey.

Here are some of the preliminary results shared with Governor Brown:

Thanks to all of your who took and shared the survey. Your voices are being heard!  If you haven’t taken the survey yourself – it’s not too late!  Take it HERE. When the survey is closed we will be sending all respondents copies of the results. We would like more state information to help laws like A.B.1369 get passed.

“the survey results about not saying dyslexia and teachers not being prepared to teach were essential in setting the stage with the Governor’s office, but the one about the emotional and psychological impact on the students drove home the implications for the Governor…”

“Dyslexic Advantage has played an important role in both CA and the READ Act success.”

We are thankful too for all the parents and volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this law happen. Thanks too for all the other groups like Decoding Dyslexia California.

Press Release: New California Dyslexia Law Signed By Governor Jerry Brown