Phil Cleaver Dyslexia Design Excerpt: “I learned to read by learning the shape of every word. That’s right; I had to memorise every word in the English language just to be functional. It took me a long time!… what was initially a challenge turned out to be a blessing. He explains, “With dyslexia, it’s like when you’re blind, so your sense of hearing increases. Since I don’t really process sounds from letter forms, my visual sense had to become more enhanced.”

And: “Over the years, Cleaver has learned that his greatest strength is his ability to see things differently from others. He shares, “Once I was asked to do a job for a modern art gallery in Edinburgh and they wanted a symbol for their logo…

Instead of looking at modern artwork for inspiration, Cleaver poured over a city map of Edinburgh. He observed that the main roads of the city resembled the shape of a dog. He then used the shape of the roads as the gallery’s logo.

“Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Of course, if everyone is thinking outside the box, then you’ve got to think inside the box. Either way, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t define the problem,” he says.

Cleaver is author of a book What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School.

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