Tom McLaughlin Dyslexia“Spelling isn’t important. It really isn’t, people get hung up on it. Being able to spell has nothing to do with being a good writer. Being able to know how a car engine works, doesn’t make you a racing driver. It’s about having something to say. It’s about feeling the wind in your hair.” – Dyslexic author and illustrator, Tom McLaughlin (The Story Machine)

Bravo to Tom McLaughlin for a wonderful piece about writing and being dyslexic.

Excerpt: “You should never be afraid to talk about being dyslexic, whenever I tell people, they’re mostly interested, and I get asked all kinds of question. In fact the more I talk about it, the more it feels like I’m getting to know myself a little bit more.

Tip 8: learn about what dyslexia is, read about it, you’ll find yourself going “I totally do that!” quite a lot. There are many others like you, all of them probably have felt isolated, stupid, like they didn’t belong at some point too.

Don’t ever worry about being wrong. getting things mixed up. I’m going to shock you again now, but teachers are pretty lovely, I know they hide it well, but they are. They will always help.

Tip 9: writing is about you, they are your thoughts, the things you have to say, and those can never be wrong.

Being dyslexic is who you are, and who you are is brilliant.

Tip 10: stop reading this and go write something amazing.”