BrainCall for Volunteers! One of favorite neuroscientists, Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and her associate, Stephanie Haft are interested in developing a social and emotional measure affecting individuals with dyslexia. This is an important issue to study. Adults and children (with parents permission and / or help) are invited to respond. Thanks for your help!!!!

Take their quick survey here:

*It’s a 10 minute survey on perceptions of dyslexia and reading anxiety.
Survey will close after a certain number has been reached, BUT there will be opportunities to also participate in future questionnaires so please stay tuned (this is PART 1)!
*All responses are anonymous. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

We talked briefly with Stephanie about her background and interest in this area. Stephanie recently graduated from Claremont McKenna in Cognitive Neuroscience. She’s interested in working with kids and learning differences!