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Designing for Dyslexia

Despite the fact that dyslexics are over-represented in Art & Design, the field of User Design is surprisingly late to designing for dyslexia specifically in mind.

It may be that some design is as good as it is because there are already dyslexics in design teams leading the dominant tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, […]

Dyslexia at Work: Say This, Not That

Academic studies of dyslexia in the workplace have all arrived at the same conclusion: the vast majority of adults with dyslexia choose not to disclose or ask for accommodations in the workplace. Of those who do disclose, they often disclose to some but not all of their co-workers.

The reasons are several – but include […]

Bridging the Gap: Help for Dyslexic Professionals in Higher Education

It’s not uncommon for dyslexic students performing at the highest levels to thrive in higher education, but then be surprised by obstacles either in the workplace or in professional licensing exams – when they encounter something they haven’t ever had to do before. Dyslexics tend to excel at acting and making decisions in real-life […]

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Q: What Help is Available for Adults with Dyslexia ?

A. Depending on what kind of help you are seeking and where you live, there are many different types of resources available to help adults with dyslexia. In the United States, it’s been estimated that 3 out of 4 children are not being identified in school; among adults, that number is probably higher.

Should I Be […]

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Dyslexia and Medical School – AMA Journal of Ethics

In an important article published in the AMA Journal of Ethics, physicians call for mandatory dyslexia training for medical school faculty.

The article presents the case of a 1st year dyslexic medical student who excelled in college and in clinical research, but who is conflicted about whether to disclose his dyslexia to faculty and fellow […]

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University of Kansas – Penn State Dyslexia at Work in the US Research Opportunity

Can you help Niki?  Professor Niki den Nieuweboer is a management professor and member of the Dyslexic Advantage Community who is leading study of Dyslexia in the US Workplace. She is partnering also with Penn State University. Dr. Nieuweboer is dyslexic herself and is an expert in the area of organizational behavior. Research of […]

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High School Students View Their Dyslexia as an Advantage

Things are changing. From ABC: “Fortunately for Christa Hills, her dyslexia diagnosis came when she was in primary school. She was able to access appropriate help from a young age. Now studying for her Year 12 exams, she regards dyslexia as a gift. ‘It’s really great. It takes you longer to sort through information … […]

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Why Are So Many Dyslexic Student Good at Science? [Premium]

Nobel Prize winners, MacArthur Geniuses, Engineers of the Century, SiliconValley pioneers, and more. Why are so many dyslexic people exceptional at science and tech? Here are 5 Reasons (there are many more…):

Viral Dsxyliea is NOT What Dyslexia Looks Like

There’s a viral post making its rounds on the Internet. Now I know I don’t have to tell readers of this blog, this isn’t a perfect example for non-dyslexics to understand, but it’s easy to imagine that the potential good intentions behind the creation of this, especially if it might help a teacher or […]

Starbucks Loses Discrimination Case to Supervisor with Dyslexia

“Dyslexia should not be invisible in the workplace.” – Fernette Eide MD Co-Founder Dyslexic Advantage

Yesterday, the BBC reported that the global coffee giant Starbucks lost a discrimination lawsuit to a supervisor, Meseret Kumulchew.

Meseret had let her employer know that she was dyslexic, had difficulty with words and numbers, and learned best by being shown […]

MIT Professor: What Every Person with Dyslexia Should Know – The Full Story

Superstar MIT Professor Catherine Drennan (HHMI Scientist too – the top of the top in the world) shared her personal journey with dyslexia. She was in remedial classes and had to repeat a grade, and saw her self dropped lower and lower through all the reading groups, until her parents were pulled aside […]

Dyslexia and Success as a Serial Entrepreneur – Janis Mitchell

How do they do it?  Successful serial entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs that start and lead multiple successful businesses. They start up companies, sell them, and keep repeating the cycle. The diversity of their businesses can be mind-boggling but successful serial entrepreneur traits show a not surprising overlap with many dyslexic adult traits.

From 7 Signs You Might Be a Serial Entrepreneur:

1. […]

Dyslexia in the High Tech Workforce

“Dyslexia is probably pretty common in tech companies.” – Dr. Fernette Eide, Co-Founder, Dyslexic Advantage

After interviewing dyslexic executives, software engineers, designers from the leading cutting-edge technology companies in the world, I am convinced that dyslexia and innovation go hand-in-hand and that corporations whose business it is creating what the future will be need to learn how […]

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Dyslexia at Work: Disclosure – Who Do You Tell and How Do You Do It?

When I was looking for background information on Dyslexia and Disclosure in the workplace, I found something shocking: there was very little practical information available to young people, mid-career, and actually any adults navigating the world of work and their dyslexia. That led to the Dyslexic Advantage Disclosure Project.

Dyslexia and workplace is a little bit […]

Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce

Dyslexic Advantage is proud to be cosponsoring a Conference at Microsoft June 2nd in Mountain View Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce.

Seats are limited, Registration is required, but the event is open to the public. Register HERE. Brock and I will be speaking there as well as Scott Sandell of New Enterprise Associates, David […]

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