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Interview with Dyslexic Master Montessori Teacher ALISON AWES [Premium]

I recently had a chance to talk with Master Montessori Teacher Alison Awes who is based at the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota. Alison is dyslexic herself and she has written about how Montessori instruction can support dyslexic students. Alison is also trained in Orton-Gillingham Level1. Like the Orton-Gillingham method, the Montessori approach was created […]

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Positive Affirmations

A dyslexic woman and successful tech entrepreneur was interviewed and asked what helped her overcome ‘the odds.’ Here’s what she said:

“Affirmations…I literally told myself the naysayers were wrong about me. I told myself exactly what I needed to hear, every single day, to move my life forward.”

Here are some of the affirmations on her […]

How to Read to Kids with Dyslexia – Reading As a Conversation

 There are many good ways to read to children with dyslexia. In this post, we wanted to talk share an approach that some have called “dialogic” or like a dialogue.

A dialogue is a back and forth conversation, and that is exactly how this style of reading goes. Rather than having a parent or teacher […]

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Why Students Hate to Write – A High School Teacher’s Reflections [Premium]

 “When students say that they do not like to write I ask them why. They typically respond with, “Because I hate it” … after incidents like this I cannot help but sit back and ask myself why I think they do not like to write…”

One young teacher of high school students put her own […]

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Dyslexia Accommodations | First Days of School – What to Say

At the start of every term, students all over the world have to get  ready for the spiel they need to say to their teachers in order to get accommodations in place.

It seems especially tough to expect elementary school students to do the talking, but if a parent or friend help coaches, it can be  a positive experience […]

Strength-Based Strategies for Teaching Math | Dyslexia

Many students with dyslexia love Mind Maps. It might be because mind maps convey information more spatially, with color, relationships, and associations (Dyslexic MIND Strengths). At right is a great mind map by Frank Santos. There are many ‘pearls’ in Frank’s mind maps, from deceptively easy ones (quadratic equation formula, substituting  clip art honey […]

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Teaching Social Studies Through Dyslexic Strengths

Enjoy a fantastic webinar with attorney, instructor, dyslexia tutor and mom Leila Leoncavallo.

Leila tells us how she uses dyslexic students’ strengths in problem solving, storytelling, and multi sensory memory to make Social Studies memorable and life changing.

Download Leila’s handouts at the link below. To learn more educational strategies that build on dyslexic students’ strengths, […]

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The Gifts of Being a Dyslexic Teacher

Kudos to Matthew Friday for a beautifully written post on the gifts of being a dyslexic teacher. His experiences in his youth now make him an attentive a metacognitive teacher who richly understands his students’ experiences and their requirements to thrive in the classroom.




“Leaping ahead 15 years, I now find that having dyslexia is […]

Teaching Math to Dyslexic Students – Dr Steve Chinn

Dyslexic Advantage webinar with teaching strategies to help students with dyslexia learn math.

Dr Chinn uses animations, visuals, and simple patterns to address issues such as math facts, arithmetic, multiplication and division, and more complex topics such as algebra.

This is the best short program we have ever seen for teaching math to students with dyslexia […]

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