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Gwen Stefani The Voice and Dyslexia

 “It was such a turning point to find that I had a talent and I had something to contribute, somewhere.” – Gwen Stefani, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress

As a child, Gwen was very creative, performing puppet shows for friends and neighbors with her brother and creating her own fashions from scratch or thrift stores […]

“I love to design.” – Tom Ford

Add leading American fashion designer Tom Ford to the list of accomplished dyslexic designers and film directors. Tom Ford is best known for his Tom Ford label of clothing and eyewear, but he was also film director for the Oscar-nominated film A Single Man, designer of clothing for the hit series Suits, and past creative […]

Dyslexia and Top Architectural Digest and HGTV Designer Vincente Wolf

“I had to depend on my mind’s eye,” he remembers. “At home I’d spend hours playing in my room with imaginary friends and moving the furniture around…”

Cuban-born Designer Vincente Wolf has been named to Top 10 Influential Interior Designers in  the US as well as Architectural Digest’s Top 100. He designs hotels, restaurants, and […]

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Dyslexia and NPR Designer Veronica Erb

Wonderfully talented Veronica Erb, Senior Action Designer for National Public Radio did a last minute stand-in for us at the Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation 2015 when one of our keynote speakers became ill. Veronica shared how she saw her dyslexia related strengths helped her day to day in her job conducting research with […]

Dyslexic Advantage Halloween Creativity Contest

Because of the well-established link between dyslexia and creativity, Dyslexic Advantage is celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Month with a creative Halloween-themed contest. Please share your costumes, artwork, and spooky inventions! Prizes will include small gifts, children’s choices from the Dyslexic Advantage store, and free one-year Premium Subscriptions to the Dyslexic Advantage blog. Winners will be chosen […]

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Read This Font to Better Understand Reading with Dyslexia

A talented UK designer, Daniel Britton has designed a font to help people better understand what it’s like reading with dyslexia.

From Fast Company, “According to Britton, he’s not trying to recreate the visual experience of dyslexia, which he thinks is ridiculously mischaracterized in the media. “At least in the UK, awareness ads will represent text as seen […]

Dyslexia Wow – Diagnosing Dyslexia From Its Strengths

Want to know one of the first things that made us question whether dyslexia was really “just a disorder”? It was when we realized we could often spot a dyslexic person based on something they did really well, not just from their problems. We’d see an invention, or a building, or a movie, or […]

Award-Winning Dyslexic Designer Phil Cleaver

 Excerpt: “I learned to read by learning the shape of every word. That’s right; I had to memorise every word in the English language just to be functional. It took me a long time!… what was initially a challenge turned out to be a blessing. He explains, “With dyslexia, it’s like when you’re blind, […]

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