Neurodiversity TechDyslexic Advantage is proud to be cosponsoring a Conference at Microsoft June 2nd in Mountain View Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce.

Seats are limited, Registration is required, but the event is open to the public. Register HERE. Brock and I will be speaking there as well as Scott Sandell of New Enterprise Associates, David Hornik of August Capital, Joan Bisagno of Stanford, John Roberts Rx Engine, previously Sugar CRM, and David Obershaw HP and Peoplesoft. All of these individuals members of the Dyslexic community. There will be an expo where networking can also take place. Thanks to the incredible work of Stu Shader of Microsoft for helping this come together!

Should be a fantastic event and we hope the first of future conferences in other corporations.

Scott and David both spoke at our Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation last Spring (we’ll post the Entrepreneurs Panel that Scott hosted below). Visit Dave’s Late Night with Dave Hornik HERE.