halloween-creativity-dyslexiaBecause of the well-established link between dyslexia and creativity, Dyslexic Advantage is celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Month with a creative Halloween-themed contest. Please share your costumes, artwork, and spooky inventions! Prizes will include small gifts, children’s choices from the Dyslexic Advantage store, and free one-year Premium Subscriptions to the Dyslexic Advantage blog. Winners will be chosen by judges, ‘most likes’, and by random drawing.

Some the greatest movie and special effects designers of all time are dyslexic, including 7X Academy Award winner Rick Baker and 4X Academy Award winner Richard Taylor of Wetaworks / Lord of the Rings fame.

Why are so many creative designers in the movie industry dyslexic?  Strengths in visualization and construction, and empathetic understanding of audience and emotion are some reasons that come to mind.

Please share your child’s creativity this Halloween and enter our contest!

Rick Baker photo
Richard Taylor photo