Please contact the Dyslexic Advantage Team (team “at” dyslexicadvantage.org) if you would like to post your research opportunity. To see more detailed flyers, view below most recent listings. If any of the studies below are closed, please let us know. Thank you!

New as of March 2017:  Infants and Dyslexia Study  Nadine Gaab’s lab Boston Children’s Hospital
Family history of dyslexia. Monetary reimbursement is available.

Jan 2017:

uw-labDyslexic Children 6-13 yo needed for a study that includes 8 weeks of FREE intensive and targeted reading intervention. Your child could ear up to $320 for participating. Contact brainlab@uw.edu or phone: 206-685-9365.

Typically reading children for a study on dyslexia. Multiple brain images will be collected over several sessions using MRI and MEG. All visits will be at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. Your child could earn up to $320 for participating. Contact brainlab@uw.edu or phone: 206-685-9365.


University of Washington: Brain and Reading Development
Dr. Jason Yeatman contact Dyslexic Advantage to let our members know about a new study for adults and teens with reading challenges. The study will involve multiple visits for behavioral testing with potential opportunities for brain measurements in the future. Individuals will receive up to $60 per visit. If interested, call 206-685-9365 or email: brainlab@u.washington.edu.

University of Kansas School of Business – Penn State: Dyslexia at Work
A member of our Dyslexic Advantage community, Dr. Niki den Nieuweboer is leading a research study to examine both challenges and opportunities in the workforce. Begin the process HERE. An interview (1 hr, phone) will follow.

UCSF: Social and Emotional Measure
Another member of our community, Dr. Fumiko Hoeft of the University of California-San Francisco is requesting volunteers from the community to complete a 10 minute survey online about dyslexia. All responses are anonymous.
Take the quick survey HERE.


New York City Metro Area: Columbia University Teachers College
Kids with and without dyslexia – ages 9-10.
Adults with and without dyslexia – age 18-25.
$20 Amazon card compensation. EEG study. Contact Lisa Levinson. email: lml2155 “at” tc.columbia.edu or 917-882-1934

Online – Current Dyslexic College or Grad Students
Elizabeth Geiger  Experiences of Students with LDs.
Click HERE. Volunteer, no compensation. Any questions? email: efg2116 “at” tc.columbia.edu

Seattle Area  
Kids with Dyslexia Kids between the age of 6 and 13. Brain imaging study. $60 per vision. 8 weeks free reading intervention.  Email: brainlab “at” u.washington.edu.  Phone: 206-685-9365.

Adults with Dyslexia  – Right-handed, age 18-45 years old. Brain imaging study. Up to $190 reimbursement. email: kuhllab “at” u.washington.edu or phone: 206-616-6221.